Dr. Anton Bergh at MCI The Doctors' Office at Midtown

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Why must I come in for an initial meet & greet visit?

Your doctor wants to obtain a comprehensive medical history from you. At this visit you and the doctor will decide whether to enter into an ongoing doctor patient relationship. The first visit with the doctor is purely to establish the framework for the future doctor patient relationship and does not include any medical management. At this visit you should establish exactly what further visits are necessary for the effective management of your medical problems.

Why did the clinic charge me?

The doctors at this clinic provide many services. Some of these are not covered by the provincial health care plan You are responsible for payment for any uninsured services. The charges are the same for each doctor and are regulated by the Alberta Medical Association.

Charges for uninsured services:

  • No show for routine visit appointment: $30
  • No show for complete physical appointment: $80.
  • All missed appointment fees are due within 30 days. If there is more than one missed appointment, then the fee must be paid before another non urgent appointment will be booked.
  • Patients who do not have a valid provincial health card are charged $40 - $80 for a routine visit and $100 - $120 for a complete physical examination. Quebec health card holders will be charged at these uninsured rates and can apply to Quebec for reimbursement. Visitors to Canada are charged $80 for a basic visit and the fee will escalate depending on the service.
  • Prescription renewal by fax: $30
  • Transfer of medical records: $65+
  • Fee for administering travel vaccinations / non medically required injections is $20 per vaccination.
  • Simple travel consults: $40 - $80
  • Complex travel consults: $80 and over.
  • Sick notes, pregnancy notes, physiotherapy & massage letters, and any other similar notes: $30 
  • Printing results for you is a flat rate fee $5 - $10 depending on the number of pages.
  • Pre-employment medicals, attending physician statements, insurance medicals and disability applications are charged at a variable rate ($50 - $250)
  • Drivers medicals $120, but are reduced to $80 for those who are required to do these frequently (e.g. diabetics).
  • Use of liquid nitrogen for wart & mole treatment $20 (AHS kindly pays for the treatment of genital & plantar warts).